Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eldr Media* is a media (web, cellphone, print) company for the affluent and active 60+.

TimelapseMobile* creates, develops and publishes original games for mobile phones.

sells weed-free watering blankets for gardens and fields.

SpokenTranslation* creates ground-breaking commercial and custom solutions for automatic cross-lingual communication.

Theraject markets micro-needle transdermal drug and vaccine delivery systems

CritterPix* is developing lower cost computer generated animated movies.

Warpshare* With five times the speed and access to more media than BitTorrent, Warpshare is the fun, easy way to get your favorite shows, music, movies, and podcasts.

TSI* is a leading provider of point of sale software (POS) and services for retailers.

RealityGap* is a developer and publisher of massively parallel multiplayer games with a unique delivery and billing system.

Jiffle* makes scheduling appointments and meetings quick and simple for anyone who needs to coordinate appointments or meetings.

Viper's*engine and motorcycles provide incredible power combined with an unbelievably smooth ride.

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