Monday, June 23, 2008

Global Lost & Found* makes it easy for individuals and businesses to confidentially register their important mobile electronics to a global registry and recovery network.

* lowers the cost of meds for seniors.

Tickermine* TickerMine is a service designed for financial professionals that provides real time proprietary data .

Aspen Air* Inside designs and manufactures high-efficiency electronic air filtration systems that retrofit existing HVAC systems for home or office.

Illumenix* is a provider of video analytics services to websites and marketers

Dual Point Wireless* offers GPS Tracking, Navigation, with RFID integration.

Osteo Corp* is developing and commercializing proprietary oral and transdermal formulations of its lead bone beta-blocker drug for increasing bone mineral density and reducing fracture risk.

Eatnation* is a social network for people who love food.

Reframe It* is a web browser plug in that creates a space for comments in the right hand margin beside any web page.

Presym's* breakthrough products are the first direct mechanical measurement of heart health and have the potential to detect pre-symptomatic cardiac disease.

JoeMedia* provides location-specific advertising opportunities through Free WiFi.

Bisnet* provides a comprehensive online Employee Benefits System.

FTP Technology* has developed a pain-free, wearable glucose monitor.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nexenta* has developed the first robust open-source storage appliance solution.

StylePath* has developed and patented a better way to shop online for style-driven products like jewelry, shoes, home decor, and accessories.

Mobile Candy Dish* allows you to purchase products with your cell phone without digging for cash or a credit card at over 2 million retail locations across the U.S.* offers the only web-based suite of financial analysis software for residential real estate Investors and their professional advisors.

BroadBand Central * provides and hosts Enterprise 2.0 web based SaaS applications for OEMs and their strategic partners. The company focuses its business on areas where unnecessary waste and expenses exists due to the lack of coordination. The Company’s initial markets are in wireless, digital TV, Point of Sale, data storage, computers, and their network of partners.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eldr Media* is a media (web, cellphone, print) company for the affluent and active 60+.

TimelapseMobile* creates, develops and publishes original games for mobile phones.

sells weed-free watering blankets for gardens and fields.

SpokenTranslation* creates ground-breaking commercial and custom solutions for automatic cross-lingual communication.

Theraject markets micro-needle transdermal drug and vaccine delivery systems

CritterPix* is developing lower cost computer generated animated movies.

Warpshare* With five times the speed and access to more media than BitTorrent, Warpshare is the fun, easy way to get your favorite shows, music, movies, and podcasts.

TSI* is a leading provider of point of sale software (POS) and services for retailers.

RealityGap* is a developer and publisher of massively parallel multiplayer games with a unique delivery and billing system.

Jiffle* makes scheduling appointments and meetings quick and simple for anyone who needs to coordinate appointments or meetings.

Viper's*engine and motorcycles provide incredible power combined with an unbelievably smooth ride.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Medialasso* makes it safe and very easy for family and friends to share personal, private messages

Loud3r is in stealth mode. It's about online enthusiast zones.

is developing an innovative platform of vascular catheters to remove blood clots and other forms of biological debris.

Kinemo provides rich media services, enabling users to include more of their emotions when customizing their mobile phones or when communicating with their friends and family members.

Oslo Software* solves the problem of real-time resource allocation in unpredictable environments

HealthSphere* has developped a healthcare specific search engine, with a unique cate
gorized format, sorted by experts and user ratings.

Stonewall Technologies -in stealth mode- offers a revolutionary approach to strong authentication for the internet.

Jobsightsolutions* develops, manufactures and markets portable communications systems for mobile, temporary and remote office facilities.

Mailshooter will establish a new model of customers entering messages at a site that will carry out delivery to businesses and individuals without the sender being aware of a particular email address.

Sim Ops Studios
* is creating the Next Generation
of Shared Virtual Experiences on the Web.

AlterAction* the creators of
Masq, is creating a new genre and multiuser story-world platform for authors and corporations to make their stories truly interactive.

NextWLAN* is migrating from municipal wifi to satellite TV provided bundled wifi services in the home based on its unique MicroNode gateway.

Connectance* is software that helps physicians and other healthcare professionals determine the most likely diagnosis of a disease quickly and accurately.

has developed a new conformal coating technology for electronic assemblies, providing treated industrial and electronic products with unsurpassed performance.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

* is a platform that provides live interactive video for everyone. Anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can use Ustream to broadcast to a global audience.

Infinity Security Solutions* has introduced a total LAN firewall solution that addresses security compartmentalization in the enterprise. The Infinity LAN Firewall runs faster than anything in its price class.

Infoaxe* is the next generation Search Engine searching a very different kind of Web..

is launching a self-service ad-management portal that solves the biggest
problem SMEs face, selecting the right advertising mix..

* delivers next generation connection-level security solutions for service providers, enterprises, and small to medium sized businesses. integrates a smart inverter into the solar module, focusing on the residential, small commercial and building-integrated PV solar markets.

Mobilesynch* allows consumers and enterprises to manage their information by easily updating, moving, back up, restoring and sharing information on their mobile phone.

GroupSwim is a web-based service that allows groups and organizations to create community websites for online discussions, sharing information, and aggregating group data.

Positron Systems* licenses a critical non destructive testing technology to global manufacturers and materials testing services companies in the aerospace and power generation industries.

Lamplighterstudios* is an art services company providing outsourced solutions to the video game market.

Friday, September 7, 2007

is changing the way small to medium-sized enterprises protect their critical data by providing onsite backup and offsite disaster recovery as a fully managed service. Axcient integrates the onsite and offsite backup/disaster recovery into a single, managed solution.

Ultimate Geographic Search Engine (UGSE) individuals and organizations can quickly construct their own online, map-based solutions to universal, non-trivial, and reoccurring challenges, such as looking for a new home, a career opportunity, a vacation hideaway, etc.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

OnMyList* exists to help a wide range of people keep track of life and connect with each other in a fresh way. All of this is accomplished using a very familiar and old format - the list. OnMyList is a free website that enables people to create, save, publish, discuss and share their lists with family, friends and beyond.

DJ Nitrogen* is an early stage startup implementing a ringtone creation and delivery service that allows end users to generate ringtones from audio content they already own and send these ringtones to their mobile phone.

Zwaggle* is an online community for parents to share with other parents. Using a points based sharing system, parents spend less money, time and resources providing for their children.

School Loop
* enables innovative online communities for school districts. Families get a nightly email with homework and grades. Teachers see and act on student performance trends. Principals focus staff attention on high priority students.

The Drop Spot, Ltd.
* provides outsourced "Trade-In/Trade-Up" services for retailers and manufacturers to increase revenue. Trade-In/Trade-Up programs allow customers to unlock the value of their pre-owned items and exchange them for new merchandise purchases or store credit. The Drop Spot facilitates the extraction of value through proprietary technology, business processes and key strategic partnerships to sell the pre-owned items, maximizing value for both the retailer or manufacturer and its customer base.

Accelere, Inc.* helps research organizations accelerate the clinical development and delivery of new therapeutics to patients while helping health care providers seamlessly integrate their research with care delivery. The company's solutions include high technology infrastructure, applications and services that allow clinicians and researchers to work in concert across traditional organizational and economic boundaries in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Andiamo Systems * is a business intelligence technology that measures market presence and campaign impact across the exploding universe of User Generated Media (UGM) including MySpace, YouTube, Second Life, and the millions of social networks, blogs, message boards, forums and mainstream media websites.

Digital Mountain* is a provider of a next-generation electronic data discovery platform called FileQuestTM for law firms, Fortune 1000 and government organizations on a Software as a Service (SaaS)-basis. The legal industry is undergoing an evolutionary change from hard copy files to electronic evidence management. Digital Mountain is filling an existing void for effectively and efficiently filtering, searching and reviewing electronic evidence.

OpenPlanet * has developed a next-generation tour content aggregation and delivery platform utilizing GPS technologies to enable travelers to create customized self-guided audio tours that are downloadable to their GPS-enabled device for virtually any location in the world.

* manufactures and markets affordable thermal/compression systems used to accelerate recovery and treat pain from a broad range of injuries and chronic conditions including arthritis, post-orthopedic surgery, and chronic back pain. The company has a number of additional affordable, highly reimbursable therapeutic medical devices in the early stages of development. Series D financing will be used to further expanding existing sales channels and to bring the new products to market.